Before and Afters application for
iPad™, iPhone™ and iPod touch®

We can create this app for your practice
using your photos and your contact information


First of all, here are two important links if you have decided you want an app:

1) Complete instructions on how to send us the information we need to make your app, and

2) How to prepare your photos to send to us for inclusion in your app


Now, here's what you can do to see what the app is all about, and decide whether you wish to have one
custom-made for your practice:

  • Download the application and use it.
    If you don't have an iPad or iPhone, it's easy to find someone who will download the app and show it to you. Apple has sold over 100 million of these devices.

    You download the application by searching the App Store for "Denenberg", or by going to iTunes.

    The application displays differently depending on whether you load it onto an iPad or an iPhone/iPod. For example, on the iPhone, the app allows you to take photos with the iPhone and email them directly to Dr. Denenberg. The iPad doesn't have a camera, but its huge screen can display the e-books that Dr. Denenberg put into his app.
  • See an explanation of the features of the app.
    Go here to see how Dr. Denenberg's app works on the iPad.

    Go here to see how it works on the iPhone/iPod.

    Note that even if you only have very few photos that you would wish to put on the app, it can still be a powerful marketing tool.
  • Learn how the app helps you promote your practice, and how iPhone or iPod touch owners will find your app.
  • Call or email us with any questions.


We can create your own app

Follow this link for an explanation of how things proceed once you decide you would like an app for your practice.



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