Your Before and Afters App
for iPad™, iPhone™, and iPod touch®


Starting the process

First, send Dr. Denenberg an email. Tell him you're interested and that you'll soon be sending your photos and other information so that your app can be made. Once we know you're on board, we can make it easy for you by shepherding you through the process.

Read the complete instructions on sending us the information we need to construct your app. Get started sending us the information.

As we are constructing your app, we will contact you if we find we are missing any needed information. When your app is complete and thoroughly tested, we will submit it to Apple for approval. It takes three to five days to construct the app, and Apple tries to review and approve new apps in ten days or less.

We will send you Apple's artwork, so you can make graphic notices for newsletters or Web banners if you like.

As soon as your app is approved by Apple, we'll send you the link to your app's page on Apple's App Store, and the app will be immediately available.

If for any reason we are not able to get your app approved, your money will be completely refunded.


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