Facial Plastic Surgery: Before and Afters
Dr. Steven Denenberg's app
for iPad™, iPhone™ and iPod touch®

iPhone and iPod touch presentation

The application displays over three hundred before and after photographs of Dr. Denenberg's facial plastic surgery patients.


The photos are divided by different operations.  The app opens onto a table of contents. You select the procedure whose results you would like to see, and the app shows you all of that procedure's before and afters:

Touch the arrows at the bottom of the screen to move to the next photo or the previous photo:

You may also drag the photos or swipe the screen to move to the next or previous photo.



If you turn the iPhone or iPod touch to landscape mode (turn it on its side), the photographs become about twice as large for easier viewing:


Tap the screen to show the navigation bars if they are hidden or hide them if they are showing.



Touch the "action" button:

to pop up this screen, which allows you to contact Dr. Denenberg easily:


If you click "Email the doctor", you can compose an email to send to Dr. Denenberg. You may have a free online consultation with him.


Click on "Attach Photos to your Email" to attach your photos. You may take photos with your iPhone's camera or attach images from your Photos application.

You may attach up to twelve photos. Dr. Denenberg responds personally to all email.


While looking at the before and afters, you can jump right to the photo you want to see.
Click on the "Thumbnails" icon:

to see a thumbnail view of all of the photos in the category your are viewing:

Scroll to the thumbnail of the photo you want to see, and touch the thumbnail to jump right to that photograph.


If you are looking at a before and after photo that you like, you can save it to your "Favorites" category by touching the "Add to Favorites" icon on the toolbar (see the little plus sign?):

Review all of your Favorites by selecting the "Favorites" category of images in the table of contents:

While you are viewing your Favorites, you can remove an image from your Favorites category by touching the "Remove from Favorites" icon in the toolbar (see the little minus sign?):


When the app launches, it checks with Dr. Denenberg's server to see if there are new photos to download to your app. If new photos are ready for downloading, they will be added to your app automatically. You won't have to take any action.


For more detailed support on this application, you may contact Dr. Denenberg directly:

Web Site: www.FacialSurgery.com

Phone: 402-391-7640

Email: StevenD@FacialSurgery.com

Postal mail:
7640 Pacific Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68114-5421


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